Teddy’s story written by Mom

Teddy was born in Liberia, West Africa in 2003 with cerebral palsy which affects all four limbs. He was adopted in 2010, just before his 7th birthday. When he came home he had “dog pads” on his knees and the top of his feet because the only way he could get around was by knee crawling. Teddy was completely non-verbal.

Five years later Teddy can take independent (though very shaky) steps and while still non-verbal, can communicate his needs and wants better. His Physiatrist said that with hard work he may walk with only a cane one day so we are striving for that goal.
This kid has an infectious smile and everyone who has ever met him just falls for him. He is super optimistic, never says no to a challenge, and has plenty of hugs to give. He is inspirational to me because I’ve never seen him get frustrated or feel bad for himself.