In late March of 2015 Gianna went in to our family physician for a routine check up and immunizations. The day after Gianna was not feeling well and developed a slight fever. We assumed that this was normal after receiving shots and would be over after a day or so. However the fever persisted and began to get worse. During this time we were in constant contact with our doctor who suspected she may have picked up something during her visit.

After about 5 days the fever continued to persist and Gianna was visibly ill and we decided to take Gianna back to the doctor. After a few minutes of examination our doctor advised us that we needed to get Gianna’s blood tested and suggested we take her to Morristown Medical Center. Shortly after arriving at the ER in Morristown Gianna’s blood was examined and all signs pointed towards Leukemia. That was confirmed shortly afterwards.

Gianna subsequently spent the next 33 days in the hospital undergoing intense chemotherapy. Gianna is now home but continues to travel multiple times a week back to Morristown where she is receiving the majority of her treatment.
It’s was a difficult couple of months but she continues to improve and we pray that the treatments prove successful. She’s got a battle ahead of her but she has a great family and community supporting her. It’s a long hard road but our little “GG” is a tough little girl. We’re confident she’s gonna beat this.

Update written by Mom – 2016
We got the phone call from the doctors on January 25, 2016 that Gianna’s Bone Marrow test came back clear and that she would be entering in her last phase of treatments. She has now started her maintenance program and goes for chemo once a month and takes her chemo drugs at home daily and will for the next 2 1/2 years. Gianna continues to amaze all of us with her strength and happiness while she fights this battle.