Caitlin’s Story…

Caitlin is one of identical triplets.  They were born three months early and spent a few months in the hospital before coming home at a weight of 5 pounds.  Caitlin was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, affecting her lower extremities.  At age 4, Caitlin had open heart surgery to close the hole she had in her heart. This is right about the time she became one of JACKS KIDS.  Since then over the years, she has had multiple surgeries on her legs, Achilles tendons and hips to help correct her disabilities in her legs.  Mentally and cognitively, Caitlin is very sharp and has so much to offer.  She is currently finishing college and will be student teaching in the fall.”

Caitlin has always loved the group from Jacks Kids.  They have a way of making her feel important and loved. She has never been forgotten by this wonderful group.  Now as an adult, she has been giving back by way of volunteering for needy children, traveling to New Mexico to Indian reservations to teach and other volunteer organizations.  Caitlin will be quick to tell you that she learned about giving back since she was helped so much as a child from friends and loved ones but also because of the kindness and generosity of complete strangers.


Caitlin got engaged!