Allison’s story written by her parents:

“Allison is an ex-30 weeker who is diagnosed with hydrocephalus. She has had 23 brain surgeries since October 2022. Some surgeries included: shunt revisions, shunt infections, cranial vaults, chiari decompressions, and more. She spent 88 days in the NICU during the start of the pandemic and had 10 chest tubes placed. She currently has a g-tube to feed and has been catching up on her growth.

Allison currently uses services provided by the Early Intervention as well as outpatient PT, speech, feeding and OT. She is seen by GI, ENT, Pulm, Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Neurology on the regular (most with CHOP) as well as others. Allison uses many DME pieces such as: Gait Trainer, Squiggles Stander, Adaptable wheelchair/stroller, Rifton Bath Chair, hinged AFOs, bilateral bamboo arm braces, and SPIO vest. Allison is the happiest miracle baby. 

You can catch her smiling and giggling at her big sister (Lillian), kicking her legs on her activity mat, strolling around outside on beautiful days, or snuggling in your arms. Allison’s smile melts the room.”

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