Bodyn’s  Story…

Bodyn was diagnosed April 14, 2017, just 2 weeks shy of his 4th birthday with Acute High Risk Lymphblastic Leukemia. What brought us into the hospital was a routine checkup the day before to receive vaccines and have a few lumps in his groin checked on. The pediatrician had taken blood work to check for anemia and low iron deficiency because he was so pale, and the lumps were swollen lympnodes. The blood work came back alarming with a very high white blood count, where we were sent immediately to Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Hospital in New Brunswick.

Bo’s first day included a bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap with chemo injection, blood and platelets given and chemo through the IV. We spent 5 weeks in the hospital during the “induction” round of chemo. A bone marrow biopsy was done during week 4 and shown him to be in remission. Although that is fantastic news, we still have more chemotherapy rounds as this will be a 3 year treatment. Regardless of everything that has happened since the day of diagnosis, Bodyn has been a happy brave little boy. With two older brothers Connor and Aiden, he has no problem keeping up with them!

Bodyn the Brave