Sadie Elizabeth Ally was born February 26, 2013. In June 2016, Sadie told us her side was hurting and she was running a fever.  That morning we had her at the pediatrician, where the doctor detected a hard spot in the area of her right kidney.  We were then sent to get an ultra-sound, where we learned that there is a large mass covering her kidney and right cavity area. We were then directed to go directly to Robert Wood Johnson Pediatric Oncology.  After several tests, scans and x-rays any parent’s worst fears were discovered. A tumor measuring 9cm x 9cm. Also during the tests at least two small tumors were seen on her lung. She was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor, if too large a biopsy would be taken.

That same week, the surgical team successfully removed the right kidney and tumor, with very little tumor spillage.

Sadie then began her chemotherapy and proton radiation therapy to the tumor site. After 6 weeks of this scans were done to reevaluate and determine how her treatment was working. One of the metastatic tumors in her lungs had grown and she was considered a relapsed patient requiring additional radiation to her lungs and a longer series of inpatient chemotherapy.  Earlier this January scans were done and it shows the metastatic tumors are shrinking and the new treatment plan is working. Sadie has five more twelve week cycles to complete and years of follow-up to ensure she recovers and enters remission.

My wife Kate and I wanted to thank you and the Jack’s Kid Foundation for considering our daughter, Sadie, as a candidate for your organization.