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Julie Hildebrand - Jack's Kids

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Julie Hildebrand

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Julie’s Story…

Julie a four year old girl was diagnosed with a Pineoblastoma on 12/21/17. This is an extremely rare form of brain cancer.  She will undergo an intense 6-9 months of chemotherapy along with a stem cell transplant.  She had been a normal, healthy little girl and then around October started complaining of frequent forehead pain.  It became more and more intense and she even started vomiting.  After taking her to the pediatrician and wanting us to see a neurologist, Julie wound up vomiting again and we found ourselves in the ER awaiting a CT scan.  They had said it was a mass on her brain.  The MRI further showed it was a brain tumor.  The did an EVD surgery to release the pressure and fluid build up while we awaiting the results of the biopsy.  We had hoped that it was benign, but then we heard the dreaded words that our child had cancer.  On Jan. 2, 2018, Julie underwent a five hour surgery and the tumor was totally rejected.  She began chemotherapy on 1/22/18.  We have been inpatient since then.  Julie is getting daily injections to boost her stem cells as she will have to undergo a stem cell transplant later this spring.  She continues to fight and we continue to  pray.  She is one strong little girl who through it all still remains to have a smile.