Jacob last day Jacob and Nick

The Bastida Family was preparing to celebrate their 5-year old son’s victory over leukemia. Nicholas was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 3 months old. The family lived for 5 years with long hospital stays, numerous surgeries and doctor visits, but in the end Nicholas would be cured. They were looking forward to a celebration when they noticed that Nicholas’ 3-year old brother, Jacob, had developed lumps on his head and stomach. They rushed Jacob to the ER on September 19th and the results were devastating.  Jacob was diagnosed the next day with Brickett’s lymphoma. They had to hear once again “your child has cancer”.

He started treatment right away because the CAT scans showed his tumors growing rapidly. Jacob is currently in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy treatment at St. Peters University Hospital.

Superman is what Nicholas calls his Dad. We came to use the same name for Nicholas when he was hospitalized because his body was so strong during all of his treatments. We’re hoping Superman returns.

The Bastida family was still climbing out of the medical expenses of Nicholas’ diagnosis so the community is rallying around them to help offset the medical costs now incurred by Jacob’s treatment. 

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