A letter written by Tyler’s Mom-July 2015

When I was asked to write something about Tyler, my head just filled with memories that will forever be implanted in my heart.  Such memories keep me smiling today.

Tyler was born on a Wednesday, September 10, 1992 at exactly 11:00AM.  He was a thriving 7lbs, 12.5oz in weight and twenty-two inches in length.  He was and is the beat of my heart.  That will never change.  Any Mother can relate to this life changing event.

When it came to sports, Tyler participated in football, baseball, soccer, hockey, etc.  If it was an activity revolving around sports, Tyler was involved.  He LOVED the beach.  Whenever we had the opportunity to go to a beach, we were there.  Those summer Saturday mornings always make me smile when we would wake up and I would ask Ty, “honey, what do you want to do today?”  Tyler responded, “can we go to the beach Mom”?  In a matter of less than an hour, we were on our way.  Point Pleasant was our favorite.  Days spent on the beach following the boardwalk stroll was always a favorite.  Memories of Ty in the ocean swimming like a champ always make my heart skip a beat, but these memories keep us all going.

All came to a halt in November of 1998.  Unfortunately, Tyler was diagnosed and treated at Robert Wood Johnson for a severe kidney infection.  At first, the doctors could not figure out what was wrong since Tyler could not shake a high fever.  A variety of tests and antibiotics were administered and finally, Tyler had a clean bill of health.  Two weeks later on December 11, 1998, Tyler was back to himself going to school and active in the daily routine of life.  Tyler with his family celebrated Christmas which was always a favorite holiday as it is for many of us.  That Christmas of 1998 will always be a Christmas that our family will hold in a special place.

On New Year’s Eve, Tyler came down with a low grade fever and had a dry cough.  He was not himself.  I contact his doctor immediately.  We were instructed to have a urinalysis test at Somerset Medical Ctr.  Additional antibiotics were provided and Tyler was sent home.  He was not getting better.  On the morning of January 2, 1999, I took Tyler back to his pediatrician and was instructed to go directly to Robert Wood Johnson due to symptoms of pneumonia.  It was confirmed at Robert Wood that Tyler had a severe viral pneumonia.  On January 13, 1999, he was then medevac’d to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) due to treatment recommended for survival that Robert Wood could not provide at that time.  This treatment (ECMO) and transportation to CHOP was the last resort since Tyler was not recovering.  On Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 4:27pm, Tyler went to heaven to meet Jesus. 

Tyler’s six years, four months and 17 days on earth will forever be the joy of my life.  Without the support of faith, family and friends, I’m not sure where I would be today.  We all move on, but the loss is always there.  It doesn’t go away.  Memories keep us moving forward and end with a smile.

In the Spring of 2000, Pierce Frauenheim approached me and told me about the mission of Jack’s kids.  Pierce came up with the idea of naming a trophy called “The Tyler Cup” in honor to Tyler’s memory and asked me my thoughts.  I was beside myself with gratitude and the actions of others to keep Tyler’s spirit alive in some shape or form.  I am honored that my son will always be a part of Jack’s kids and pray that this will continue.

For any parent to lose a child is their worst nightmare, but having a community of family and friends who hold your hand and honor the memories is a gift that words cannot describe.  I am honored and blessed to be the mother of Tyler Jon Melville.  His spirit will never fade and the belief that we will all see him again helps us all carry on with life.  We will never have the answers as to “why Tyler”, but my belief is the answer will be revealed in God’s time.  It may not be in this lifetime, but it will be revealed.  Tyler will forever be an angel and shining star and will always be alive in the hearts of many.

My gratitude for the continued support and love from family and friends along with faith will be a source of strength and for those gifts, I will be eternally grateful.  I thank you all for keeping the memory and spirit of Tyler alive.


Mary R. Weaver – Tyler’s Mom