After three years setting up computers and training his comrades in the New York Fire Department, John Collins couldn’t wait to return to doing what he loved best, helping people in desperate circumstances.

On Sept. 6, Mr. Collins, 42, of New York, got himself reassigned from the training job back to fighting fires with Ladder Co. 25.

Five days later, Mr. Collins died as he lived, “an honorable man,” among the first firefighters who responded to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

John was going up the stairs while all the people in the building were coming down the stairs.  John was involved in the collapse of the towers and was killed.  His body was found a few months later and a proper burial with honor was held at St Matthias Church.


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The Collins trophy is in John’s memory and the trophy signifies strength, courage, and sacrifice.  All rescue, police, and fire departments battle it out during the day of the tournament in hopes to bring the Collins trophy back to their firehouse or service station.

John is survived by his Dad, brother, and sisters who attend the Jacks Kids tournament every year.