The tournament is a wonderful way to share the day with these truly heroic families, but none of this would be possible without the outstanding and generous support from our volunteers, donors, sponsors and business owners. You truly are the life line of this organization and your support helps us continue in our mission of assisting the families in need. Thank you again for your support!

 Jack’s Kids Team/Committee

thanksThe entire Jack’s Kids team that puts this tournament together is too large to name everyone. We thank ALL of you for your hard work, endless hours and thankspure dedication to this team!

431_umpire A huge shout out to all the Umpires-their tireless work and volunteerism is exemplary


Hank Werner


Meghan Kelly
Loretta Kimmick
Kim Butler
John Hegedus
Tim Rice
Jim Daley
Krista Hegedus
Irene Janovsky
Lisa Werner