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Michael Carrete

Jack’s Kids
Michael Carrete

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Michael was diagnosed with PDDNOS (persuasive developmental disorder non other specified) in the autism spectrum at age 3. Three years later his diagnosis was changed to Asperger’s Syndrome. He is in a self contained class for school. He struggles with some OTissues and educationally but is a very determined boy and works very hard at everything he does. Things are sometimes very black and white for Michael and sometimes it is difficult for him to understand things beyond that so going over schedules or things that might occur out of the norm are important to do with him.”

He questions everything because this is his way of trying to accept and understand things in his world. He loves video games and playing sports. He receives OT once a week at Somerset Treatment Center, plays flag football with the Bridgewater Little Bears and does basketball and track/field with Special Olympics. He has a very contagious smile and is very warm hearted and sympathetic towards others especially his little brother.