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25 Years of Assisting Families

In ONE week, the Somerville Elks will be packed inside and out with some of the most beautiful people in Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterton County.  For the past 25 years, the Jack’s Kids community has united to make things happen for these families.  Volunteers working countless hours getting donations, sponsors, food, teams, umpires, fields, etc. to make enough money to help when a parent calls on us to pay for medical bills they fought many hours to lower, a prescription their insurance will not cover, gas for their cars so they can afford to drive back and forth to CHOP, food so their families do not have to worry about feeding their kids or equipment to ease their sick childs needs that is not fully covered. 

The Jack Gardner Memorial Softball Tournament has grown from 6 teams supporting 1 ‘Jack’s Kid’ to now 50 teams assisting 40 ‘Jack’s Kids’!  Paying out over $50,000 a year shows we need to have this event annually and it has to be BIG! 

Join us on Saturday, July 8th. All the games start at 8AM at various fields such as Van Derveer School in Somerville, Bridgewater Middle School, Hillsborough Docherty, Manville HS, Mountain Park in Bernards Twp to name a few. The Somerville Lodge #1068 is where all the players, volunteers, families, friends, supporters and Jack’s Kid families will end up around 2pm when we open our ceremonial celebration of 25 years. For $10 you can enjoy all you can eat, purchase Jack’s Kids merchandise, raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets and meet all the kids!

Check out the article in Tap into Somerville

2017 Jacks Kids Softball Tournament Program

Highlights of 2016’s Event

Mr. Softee will arrive at the Somerville Elks at 3pm and 20% of sales will go back to the kids!

Merchandise for sale the day of the event at the Somerville Elks:

  • Chance to win up to $10,000 BIG 50/50 $10.00 each 

  • The 25th Annual Jack Gardner Memorial Softball Tournament T-Shirt $10.00

  • Jack’s Kids Glass-while supplies last! $10.00  

  • Jack’s Kids Car Magnets  $5.00  

  • Jack’s Kids #25YearStrong Challenge Coin $10.00  

  • Jack’s Kid Angel Challenge Coin $10.00

  • Jack’s Kids Sweatshirts  $35.00

It’s All About The Kids!





Jack’s Kids Update

The 6th Annual Bowling Fundraiser was a success!

We sold out all 26 lanes with 147 bowlers this year! We were able to invite Jacks Kids to bowl for free thanks to our lane sponsors! Jake Whitenight sang his heart out and moved us all. We honored Jacks Kid Angel, Hayley with prayer, song, and nice words spoken by Tim Rice.

Jake Whitenight-National Anthem

Tim Rice- Speech

Jake Whitenight-What Faith Can Do

Jake Whitenight-The Climb

Photo Album


 Kids Updates

Please email us to share the kids updates, milestones, prayer requests, etc

Sad to announce one of our Jack’s Kids gained her wings.

In Loving Memory of
Hayley Midland Filippini

Sep 11, 1998 – Dec 9, 2016 (Age 18)

Hayley passed peacefully at home surrounded by her family. Hayley’s shining and loving personality will be forever remembered and missed.


 Quinn Knapp~

Quinn had his last Chemo treatment on December 9, 2016!  Quinn will have his blood counts checked monthly for the first year and then every other month the second year and so on.  “It was a long 3 years and 4 months of treatment”, says Mom. Quinn is enjoying 2nd grade and playing Recreation Basketball. 

The Knapp Family has asked to express their thanks to Jack’s Kids and all the supporters for all the prayers and help while Quinn was on his way to health.


Alexander Monto~

February 20, 2017, Alexander had open heart surgery to fix a leaky valve. After 5 days recovering in the hospital Alexander was well enough to go home.

To follow Alexander click the link below:
facebook-download-pngTeam Alexander, Helping Heal A Hero’s Heart


 Jake Whitenight~

Jake’s parents asked a Jack’s Kid committee member to join them when Jake received his new hearing aids. With the help of our supporters the Jacks Kids Organization was able to assist in the purchase. It was a pleasure to witness such amazement and gratitude that the Whitenight Family expressed. With Jake’s new hearing aids he was able to hear at a perfect level. The video is Jake’s experience receiving his new hearing aids which can be found below.

Jake Whitenight – February 2017


Jonathan Sherman~ Update from mom March 2017

Jonathan has had a few, particularly rough months starting right around the one-year anniversary of his brain surgeries.  He ­­­has experienced several new neurological symptoms, which have kept him very busy with many different doctor’s appointments, evaluations and tests.  He was diagnosed with Dyslexia, which led to additional testing revealing despite having 20/20 vision, there is a dis-connect with his brain and eyes requiring glasses for any up close work.  He has also developed a significant tremor in his hands (Dysmetria) that makes school/homework a frustrating and time – consuming task for him.  He has also had a lot of difficulty focusing and remembering details, as well as recalling his short–term memory.  Many different specialists have evaluated him and noted a new discrepancy in his pupil size, with the right side being larger than the left at different times.  This new symptom, as well as some newly noted eye rolling (previously diagnosed as a motor tic) and “spacing out” episodes, have led the doctors to suspect a possible diagnosis of Epilepsy.  He is currently awaiting testing to rule seizures.

To read more, please visit Jonathan’s page. or follow his Facebook page.



Billy Biviano~

Billy had his MRI March 6,  2017. Unfortunately, results show that his tumor grew some again – it’s the second MRI in a row where this has happened since he has been off chemo. His oncologist brought Billy’s case to their tumor board on March 17th. The family will meet with the medical team this week to discuss any treatment options available at this point. The Biviano’s want to thank you for your love, continued support and prayers. #bravebilly Please continue the prayer chain and to get updates follow Brave Billy below.

Ben Falcone~

Ben experienced another episode.  He has had a rough past week of testing and a very high fever and severe pain.  He is recovering now.  The doctor gave them 2 options and and they will follow up in a month.    The one is colchicine again at a much lower dose to see if he can tolerate it.    The other is more experimental. Please keep him in your prayers for continued strength.


Ray Fantel~

March 23, 2017 Ray received his first treatment of the new approved SMA drug. As quoted from a post from Ray’s website 3 months ago, “Today has been a much anticipated day for the entire SMA community. When we first learned what SMA was on March 30, 2009 and Googled it, we learned it is an incurable, terminal disease. No treatments. Nothing. But, we had hope. Well, today there is an FDA approved treatment. We do not know if it will help Ray, but we need to do some research on it and we need to pray it will help him.” Ray_Fantel_Press_Release_2017


Welcome our new Jack’s Kids Family

Sadie Ally

Upcoming Events

Jack’s Kids Committee will share individual Kids fundraiser events. Please email us your flyers to Jacks Kids

Dinner & Show Music and Comedy Night
All Proceeds Donated to Benefit Children with Special Needs

Tickets $45 Cash Bar
Somerville Elks
*National Award Winning Elvis Tribute Performer: Jim Barone
*Comedian, Magician & Ventriloquist:Gemini
Cocktail Party 6-7PM***Dinner 7-8PM***Show Starts 8PM

Event Page


Jack’s Kids 25th Annual Jack Gardner Softball Tournament

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Stay tuned for more information, team registration, volunteer opportunities, and sponsorship opportunities

We would like to take this opportunity to promote Steps-Together’s upcoming events. Just like Jack’s Kids, Steps Together is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families facing a medical crisis. A very large portion of Steps-Together families are also Jacks Kids families.

Friday, April 28th, 2017
Renaissance Runs The Runway
Event Flyer

Sunday, May 7th, 2017
100 Laps of Healing @ HHS Track
More Info

The following Jacks Kids will benefit:

Billy BivianoAlexander MontoChloe Grace VianaQuinn KnappJackson SilvaStevie HorvathRay Fantel,
Danny GarofaloCharlotte DowneyJonathan ShermanMackenzie PlickFinn Stever, and Ben Falcone

Thank you for reading and following Jack’s Kids! #itsallaboutthekids