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Mackenzie was born on December 19, 2012. She was a beautiful, happy and seemingly healthy baby. Her first year of life was marked by the enjoyments of hitting all of the expected milestones. We as her parents frequently daydreamed about her future – a future that is now at risk if we cannot find a cure for this disease that is causing Mackenzie to lose the functions of her body. Mackenzie was diagnosed with TSD earlier this year after a long difficult road of testing and misdiagnosis. Mackenzie continues to bring light and joy to everyone in her life. As her parents it is difficult to watch her slowly lose her ability to function. She inspires us daily to fight against this disease with the same grace and dignity that she does.

Tay Sachs disease is a fatal genetic condition that currently has no treatment or cure. TSD is characterized by the absence of a vital enzyme (Hex-A) that is needed to breakdown waste products in the cell – particularly in the nerve cells in the brain. The destruction of cells causes many symptoms including blindness, paralysis, seizures and difficulty swallowing. Most children suffering from this disease die by the age of 5.

Please help us to give Mackenzie and many other children affected with this disease the future that they deserve.

Please visit www.curetay-sachs.org for more information and to make a donation in Mackenzie’s honor. Every dollar gets us closer to a cure! Thank you for all your support!