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25 Years of Assisting Families

In ONE week, the Somerville Elks will be packed inside and out with some of the most beautiful people in Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterton County.  For the past 25 years, the Jack’s Kids community has united to make things happen for these families.  Volunteers working countless hours getting donations, sponsors, food, teams, umpires, fields, etc. to make enough money to help when a parent calls on us to pay for medical bills they fought many hours to lower, a prescription their insurance will not cover, gas for their cars so they can afford to drive back and forth to CHOP, food so their families do not have to worry about feeding their kids or equipment to ease their sick childs needs that is not fully covered. 

The Jack Gardner Memorial Softball Tournament has grown from 6 teams supporting 1 ‘Jack’s Kid’ to now 50 teams assisting 40 ‘Jack’s Kids’!  Paying out over $50,000 a year shows we need to have this event annually and it has to be BIG! 

Join us on Saturday, July 8th. All the games start at 8AM at various fields such as Van Derveer School in Somerville, Bridgewater Middle School, Hillsborough Docherty, Manville HS, Mountain Park in Bernards Twp to name a few. The Somerville Lodge #1068 is where all the players, volunteers, families, friends, supporters and Jack’s Kid families will end up around 2pm when we open our ceremonial celebration of 25 years. For $10 you can enjoy all you can eat, purchase Jack’s Kids merchandise, raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets and meet all the kids!

Check out the article in Tap into Somerville

2017 Jacks Kids Softball Tournament Program

Highlights of 2016’s Event

Mr. Softee will arrive at the Somerville Elks at 3pm and 20% of sales will go back to the kids!

Merchandise for sale the day of the event at the Somerville Elks:

  • Chance to win up to $10,000 BIG 50/50 $10.00 each 

  • The 25th Annual Jack Gardner Memorial Softball Tournament T-Shirt $10.00

  • Jack’s Kids Glass-while supplies last! $10.00  

  • Jack’s Kids Car Magnets  $5.00  

  • Jack’s Kids #25YearStrong Challenge Coin $10.00  

  • Jack’s Kid Angel Challenge Coin $10.00

  • Jack’s Kids Sweatshirts  $35.00

It’s All About The Kids!